A sparkling example of protection

The last few days had been slow for the Cyrillus Group. After rescuing the wealthy Hilda, the company hadn’t seen much in the way of paying jobs. Also, Marie was strangely absent, though most people just assumed she was out “having a good time” somewhere.

That all changed when Fiddle Thimblewhistle knocked on their door. He had a job for them, and a high paying one at that. He needed a protection detail for a shipment of gems that was to arrive the next morning. The reason he decided on the Group was because he had heard of some of their exploits and decided they’d offer good enough protection for cheap. In return, he offered them a small sum of gold and a custom made magical ring for each of them.

After Fiddle left, the group was greeted with something unexpected. Upon returning to their office space, they found it occupied by a small Half Elf who was rifling through their meager belongings. Immediately, he was seized by Black Hayate, who demanded to know who he was. The small Half-elf identified himself as Fred, a street-savvy character who wished to join the company. After a grueling interrogation, it was agreed to allow him employment on a probationary basis.

Hayate then decided to pay a visit to the bounty office to visit his friend Courtney Ridgewell. Curious as to his destination, Fred proceeded to follow him in secret. Wary of their new employee, Marius Dagfin and Gilgamesh Macchaivelli decided to follow Fred in secret. Unfortunately however, Marius left Gilgamesh behind rather quickly since the monk was much quicker on his feet. Gilgamesh rapidly got lost in Arrowheart, wandering around the slums trying to find his employees or his office. Meanwhile, Hayate had decided to visit the Black Rose District to see if he could track down some sort of magical storage container. Though he was successful, the item was beyond his price range. When his two pursuers realized that Hayate was heading back to the office and Gilgamesh was MIA, they frantically began to comb The Slums. Luckily, they located him rapidly and managed to get back to the office mere minutes after Hayate had returned. Thanks to some quick talking by Marius, Hayate was none the wiser.

The next morning they met Fiddle’s bumbling assistant at the dockside. The shipment arrived quickly and was swiftly loaded onto an oxcart for transport. Things went smoothly until they were about 2/3rds of the way through the Waterfront where they were ambushed by a group of bandits. Fred was forced into a desperate melee on a nearby rooftop where he had been attempting covert reconnaissance of the route. Marius was sent tumbling from the rooftops by another bandit. Another four bandits ambushed the caravan itself, killing the oxen and toppling the cart, sending Gilgamesh sprawling. Recognizing that his master was in danger, Hayate distracted the bandits so Gilgamesh could regain his footing.

Strangely, the bandits didn’t seem like ordinary street thugs. They wore a uniform and displayed minor magical abilities, including the ability to conjure vicious claws to attack their opponents with. Shortly after death, an Arcane Mark appeared on each of their arms, and they were quickly consumed by flames. Puzzled, the Group proceeded to manually transport the rest of the cargo to the client, upon which they were awarded the contracted amount, plus a small bonus. Gilgamesh and Hayate received rings that promised minor magical protection, Fred received a minor invisibility ring, and Marius received a ring that let him wreath his hands in cold, allowing his punches to damage his opponents with cold.



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