Aidon Strongheart

Fighter's Guild Leader


Aidon is a human barbarian from the far north. No one knows the real reason why he is in Arrowheart. He is a gruff man, often not obeying the typical rules of etiquette. He does however, care for his guild. He has been at the head of the Fighter’s guild for a long time, approaching 20 years. He lives by a fairly strict code of honor, and doesn’t allow his guild members to take on unscrupulous work. During council sessions, he typically remains quiet unless the topic deals with how best to combat crime in the city; during such discussions he is one of the most outspoken members.

Despite being nearly 50 years old, Aidon is still a fierce fighter. Surprisingly, he fights with a great deal of finesse for a barbarian of the northern tribes. Although he is no longer the most powerful member of the guild, no one has challenged him in recent years.

Aidon Strongheart

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