Eydis Fire-Eyes

Mage's Guild Leader


Eydis is an Arrowheart born Viera. Now in her late 30s, she is still a marvel to behold. Naturally intelligent and agile, even for a Viera, she quickly rose through the Mage’s Guild ranks to her current leadership position. She has a fiery personality, and she is often times one of the most outspoken council members on all topics. Many of the senior Mage’s Guild members are unhappy about her appointment, citing her young age and lack of what they see as a “true” magical profession. It’s true that, as a Red Mage, the use of magic isn’t her central talent, however she is the most able fighter of any guild member, and more cunning then any of the senior members.

Her nickname, “The Red Queen of Cinquleur”, came about as a result of her association with a rather famous travelling band of adventuring mages known as Cinquleur. During the seven years they were active, they became almost legendary for their feats of bravery, strength, and magical ability. The group consisted of five members, “The Green Queen” who specialized in hampering her enemies abilities while enhancing those of her allies, “The Blue King” who specialized in turning the spells of his enemies back upon them, “The Black King” famous for his mastery of the school of Evocation, “The White Queen” whose knowledge of healing spells was unmatched, and Eydis, “The Red Queen” who was famous for combing spell and sword into a single lethal combat style. After seven years, the members split up, with Eydis being the only one still in the public limelight.

Eydis Fire-Eyes

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