Jagar Tharn

Head Battlemage of Arrowheart and the Govenor-General's right hand


Jagar Tharn is one of Dorr’s two advisors, and the one in charge of advising Dorr on magical matters. Jagar Tharn is a powerful mage who is intimately familiar with all forms of magic, despite his official title of “Battlemage”. During any attack on the city, it falls to Jagar to organize the cities magical defenses.

A serious man, Jagar Tharn never jokes, and rarely allows jests to be made in his presence. Despite his stuffy nature, he is very well respected among the upper echelons of Arrowhearts magical and governmental communities. He carries himself with a regal bearing and doesn’t use unnecessary words.

He sits to the right of Dorr during all hearings and proceedings.

Jagar Tharn

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