A sparkling example of protection

The last few days had been slow for the Cyrillus Group. After rescuing the wealthy Hilda, the company hadn’t seen much in the way of paying jobs. Also, Marie was strangely absent, though most people just assumed she was out “having a good time” somewhere.

That all changed when Fiddle Thimblewhistle knocked on their door. He had a job for them, and a high paying one at that. He needed a protection detail for a shipment of gems that was to arrive the next morning. The reason he decided on the Group was because he had heard of some of their exploits and decided they’d offer good enough protection for cheap. In return, he offered them a small sum of gold and a custom made magical ring for each of them.

After Fiddle left, the group was greeted with something unexpected. Upon returning to their office space, they found it occupied by a small Half Elf who was rifling through their meager belongings. Immediately, he was seized by Black Hayate, who demanded to know who he was. The small Half-elf identified himself as Fred, a street-savvy character who wished to join the company. After a grueling interrogation, it was agreed to allow him employment on a probationary basis.

Hayate then decided to pay a visit to the bounty office to visit his friend Courtney Ridgewell. Curious as to his destination, Fred proceeded to follow him in secret. Wary of their new employee, Marius Dagfin and Gilgamesh Macchaivelli decided to follow Fred in secret. Unfortunately however, Marius left Gilgamesh behind rather quickly since the monk was much quicker on his feet. Gilgamesh rapidly got lost in Arrowheart, wandering around the slums trying to find his employees or his office. Meanwhile, Hayate had decided to visit the Black Rose District to see if he could track down some sort of magical storage container. Though he was successful, the item was beyond his price range. When his two pursuers realized that Hayate was heading back to the office and Gilgamesh was MIA, they frantically began to comb The Slums. Luckily, they located him rapidly and managed to get back to the office mere minutes after Hayate had returned. Thanks to some quick talking by Marius, Hayate was none the wiser.

The next morning they met Fiddle’s bumbling assistant at the dockside. The shipment arrived quickly and was swiftly loaded onto an oxcart for transport. Things went smoothly until they were about 2/3rds of the way through the Waterfront where they were ambushed by a group of bandits. Fred was forced into a desperate melee on a nearby rooftop where he had been attempting covert reconnaissance of the route. Marius was sent tumbling from the rooftops by another bandit. Another four bandits ambushed the caravan itself, killing the oxen and toppling the cart, sending Gilgamesh sprawling. Recognizing that his master was in danger, Hayate distracted the bandits so Gilgamesh could regain his footing.

Strangely, the bandits didn’t seem like ordinary street thugs. They wore a uniform and displayed minor magical abilities, including the ability to conjure vicious claws to attack their opponents with. Shortly after death, an Arcane Mark appeared on each of their arms, and they were quickly consumed by flames. Puzzled, the Group proceeded to manually transport the rest of the cargo to the client, upon which they were awarded the contracted amount, plus a small bonus. Gilgamesh and Hayate received rings that promised minor magical protection, Fred received a minor invisibility ring, and Marius received a ring that let him wreath his hands in cold, allowing his punches to damage his opponents with cold.

Icy Paths and Burning Buildings

The Cyrillus Group spent a few days wasting their hard-earned gold from the bounty of Three-Fingered Jack before coming to the realization that they needed significantly more funds to expand, or even maintain, their operation. This realization was brought by Bert Nordstrom, the owner of the Dirty Monkey, who brought forth an old lady who had a problem with the guards. She offered the Cyrillus group several magical trinkets from her shop in exchange for solving her problem, but Master Machiavelli refused and instead returned to the Bounty Office.

The Cyrillus Group met with Courtney Ridgewell, the secretary in charge of the higher bounties, and learned of two opportunities. The first was of a thief who stole several items and killed a cabal of mages for their ice staff. The second was to bring the kidnapper of the heir of a prosperous human estate to justice, rescuing the captive in the process. The Cyrillus Group decided it was much better to murder than rescue and took advantage of the first option.

Learning that the most recent escapades of Gimble the thief were near the Artisan’s district, the Cyrillus Group found a tavern nearby and inquired of the Thieves’ Guild. The bartender was fairly helpful, and Master Machiavelli provided a distraction so that Marie could discern a member of the Guild in question and prove her worth. Marie, with the help of the intimidating Black Hayate – who has yet to show his face – persuaded the thief to reveal more information of the guild and took him behind the building. After receiving the information, she killed the thief and was met with a group who offered to clean up the mess.

The Cyrillus Group found the temporary station of the Thieves’ Guild and was offered to join. Master Machiavelli refused the offer for the time being, but the information on Gimble’s location was eventually revealed and the Cyrillus Group found his home. Master Machiavelli burned down the house without much trouble and made the poor man slip on his face when rushing out the door to save his life. Marius stunned him with his fists and Black Hayate moved forward to grapple him in a tight embrace. Master Machiavelli sent a lightning spell at the pair, but Black Hayate managed to avoid the blow thanks to his specially made armor – from a dragon that was slain under his own power. His house and body were looted by the group of ill-mannered opportunists and his body returned to the Bounty Office within forty-eight hours of accepting the contract. Ms. Ridgewell complied to their request to partake of the second bounty mentioned earlier in this report.

And Black Hayate prepared tea for the group as they listened to more information of their next mission. It was delicious, especially served with his mother’s secret recipe for cupcakes. Dark chocolate chip cupcakes with just a hint of mint.

The Cyrillus Group's First Adventure
Bounty Hunting

Our heroes found themselves enjoying their new office space in what used to be the supply closet of the Dirty Monkey Tavern. In need of work, the CEO Gilgamesh Macchaivelli and his manservant Black Hayate went to the streets in search of work. There they encountered a rogue on the run from The City Guard. After a brief encounter with the guard, they went to the nearby bounty office to search for any bounties that looked like good work.

Meanwhile, Marie and Marius Dagfin remained in the office, with Marie eying Marius with displeasure. A quick knock on the door broke the reverie; the source was the rogue that Gilgamesh and Hayate had seen earlier. He sought refuge from his pursuers in the office of the Cyrillus Group. Offering to introduce Marie to some shady people, he pleaded for asylum. Marie was not interested however, and cruelly slammed the door in his face. Shortly thereafter, a scuffle could be heard from the other side of the door, followed by the sound of someone being dragged out of the Tavern.

At the bounty office, Gilgamesh and Hayate managed to locate a promising bounty, a local gang leader known as “Three-finger Jack”. His bounty had just been raised after his brutal murder of the last group of bounty hunters who went searching for him. Of course, this fact only served to further intrigue Gilgamesh. After questioning one of the secretaries, they learned that Jack rotated between various hideouts spread throughout the slums. With a new job decided upon, they headed back for the office and filled Marie and Marius in on the details.

The group decided to try and join Jack’s crew to infiltrate the group hoping that might lead them to Jack. Marie recommended they pay a visit to one Griffin the gnome, her old mentor and casual sex partner thinking he might know where they could find some of Jack’s posse. After some flirting between Griffin and Marie, it was determined that the most likely place to find some members of Jack’s crew was in the Black Unicorn Tavern nearby. With that information, they decided to pay a visit to the Black Unicorn, though not before Marius could flirt with Griffin’s old landlady, causing her to faint with shock, after which he proceeded to leap out Griffin’s window which had been shattered earlier by Gilgamesh and Hayate when they made their exit.

At the Black Unicorn, the group inquired about Three-finger Jack in an incredibly non-subtle manner, attracting the attention of some of Jack’s thugs who happened to be in attendance. After some discussion and deception, they convinced the thugs to follow them back to their office, where the thugs were entrusted to relay a message to Jack. The group then proceeded to follow the thugs to a nondescript building, which they staked out for the rest of the day. However, their efforts yielded no useful info. The next morning, they made the decision to storm the building, but unfortunately they only found one thug in attendance, and indications that Jack had packed up and moved. In order to track down Jack, the party questioned a halfling who resided in the building and who was not pleased with the group, as Marius had made his entrance into the building by breaking through his roof. However some fast talking by Gilgamesh, as well as some intimidating glances from Hayate yielded the info they sought.

The group then decided to simply forgo elaborate plans and break down the door of what they believed to be Jack’s current hideout. They found 8 henchmen in attendance, but after disposing of them, they saw no sign of Jack. A search of the floor revealed a secret passage behind a bookshelf, however the bookshelf wouldn’t budge. After some quick puzzle solving by Gilgamesh and Marie, the group was finally able to corner Jack, and rapidly finish him off. They claimed the bounty on Jack, as well as several of his henchmen, and settled back in to their new office, comfortable in the knowledge that they’d gained a little more renown for their small company.

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