Fighter's Guild

Fighter’s Guild

Exactly as it sounds; the Fighter’s guild an organization of fighters, primarily those of a martial bent. They offer training for various forms of combat and also function as a mercenary company, taking contracts and giving jobs to members to complete these contracts. Anyone proficient with any sort of weapon looking for a job who isn’t afraid to get hurt can make a good living being a member of the Fighter’s Guild. They sometimes get a bad rep as many of their members have a bad habit of binge drinking. Currently lead by Aidon Strongheart, A Human barbarian from a far north tribe who came to the city for one reason or another. Has lead the guild for ten years. He is somewhere in his mid-forties.


Favored Classes Barbarian, Monk, Fighter, Ranger, Swashbuckler

Associated Skills Climb, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge(arcana), Knowledge(dungeoneering), Knowledge(geography), Search, Survival, Use Magic Device

Duties: Members of the Fighter’s Guild are expected to keep the guild informed of their activities. They also must pay monthly dues of 5 GP per character level. Once per year, members are expected to investigate disappearances of other members. If they locate living guild-members then the search party is entitled to 40% of their treasure acquired that job. While this expedition is only required once per year, accepting it more often is a simple way to gain favor within the guild.

Member Benefits: Members can expect the guild to point employers their way. They accept contracts from patrons and a portion of the pay goes to its members. Oftentimes, people are more willing to hire guild-members rather than individuals. Also, any guild-member who is missing for more than a certain period time, (depending on the contract) will have a search party dispatched looking for them. If they are found dead, a compensation is paid to any family. If they are found alive and successfully rescued, then the search party is entitled to 40% of the worth of the contract, including any treasure found. The guild also takes 40%, leaving the party with only 20% of their treasure.

Favored Benefits: If a search party is dispatched, then the guild only takes 10% of the party’s treasure, though the locating party is still entitled to 40%. This way the party gets to keep 50% of their gold instead of 20%. Also, the guild directs particularly well paying contracts toward the character much more often.

Fighter's Guild

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