The Government of Arrowheart

Arrowheart is ruled primarily by the Governor-General Dorr Bahadur. He is assisted in legislation by the Council of Magisters, made up of the heads of the various authorized guilds that populate the city. These guilds are the Religion guild which encompasses all functioning churches in Arrowheart, the Fighter’s guild, the Mage’s guild, the Psionic guild, the Ranger’s guild, the City Guard, the Trader’s union, and the Laborer’s guild. There are several other, shadier guilds that operate within the walls of Arrowheart but have been denied places on the Council of Magisters for various reasons.

The Council of Magisters runs the legislature and the Judicial Council. For the Judicial Council, Magisters are chosen at random and they don masks and cloaks to look similar. With the help of a little magic the Magisters look identical. It is the task of the Judicial Council to uphold the law of Arrowheart.

While the Council of Magisters makes laws and assists in Legislation they have no real power of their own. The Governor-General has the ability to suspend the Council “in times of dire need”. He also possesses a personal contingent of soldiers called “The Red Guards” who answer exclusively to him. The town guard is primarily under his control as well. Although he wields all of this power, he is a benevolent and fair ruler and is very popular amongst both the lower and middle classes. He is also known to be a very capable fighter. However he has recently seen fit to sort of let the city govern itself and hasn’t made many proclamations or even been seen by many, save at the Founder’s Festival held annually. This behavior has gone on for about a year and a half when the campaign starts.


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