The World of Izual

Izual is the name of the world that Arrowheart resides in. No one is sure where the name originates from, all that is known is that the world is either very large or very small. Arrowheart resides on the continent of Ebonarm, of which it is the major feature. Arrowheart lies on the west coast of the continent. The only other continent in the world known to the people of Arrowheart is the continent of Solgrim to the west, with the relatively small Isle of Ghosts lying in between. A large sea completely separates the two landmasses, though trade and communication is frequent between the two.


Ebonarm is the larger of the two continents and is dominated by a large forest in the north encompassing nearly a third of the continent. The race of rabbit people known as the Viera hail from here. The rest of the continent is mostly fertile plains with some rivers and lakes dotting the landscape.


Solgrim on the other hand, is mostly desolate, with the southern half of the island comprising of hot, dry desert and the northern half consisting of cold, barren mountain ranges. The coastline is the most habitable part of the island; the majority of the coast is habitable for about five miles inland before one reached barren wastes. However, what Solgrim lacks in fertility it makes up for in mineral wealth. This comprises the core of trade between the two continents. Ebonarm trades food and lumber for metals and precious gems. Due to being situated on the only natural harbor on the west coast, all trade between the two continents goes through Arrowheart.

The Isle of Ghosts

The Isle of Ghosts is a strange island lying almost exactly halfway between the two continents. The island is densly forested, all the way to the coastline. A blanket of constant fog seems to emanate from within. Sailors give the island a wide berth as, in addition to the fog, sharp rocks surround the island, making navigation close by tricky at best and fatal at worst. The island received its name due to the belief that the ghosts of those who do not worship a god, or die by suicide wander the forest of the island for all eternity.


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