Laborer's Guild

Laborer’s Guild

This guild consists of all the common folk who work for a living. Anyone from bakers to butlers to manure shovelers, if they have a job then they are in this guild. The newest of all the guilds, the Laborer’s Guild was formed 700 years ago when workers protested the lack of job regulations and wanted not only someone to protect their interests but also someone to speak for them at Council meetings. The guild exists for these purposes and even in the current time does a remarkable job. Because many people in the city pay dues to this guild they have the wealth needed to really look out for their patrons. The leader is usually some middle class character with a surprising charisma, and the guild has had very few poor leaders. The leader is chosen by popular vote every ten years and there is a two term limit of service. The last election was six years ago in which the current leader, Orazio Vico began his first term. He is currently actively trying to combat the corruption that is beginning to spread amongst the Trader’s Union. He is a competent fighter in his mid thirties.


Favored Classes Commoner, Warrior

Associated Skills Craft, Profession, Perform, Diplomacy\

Duties: Members are required to support the guild in all endeavors, whether that be a strike, a demonstration or a big job.

Member Benefits: As part of the guild, the average worker can expect a modicum of respect from his employer. It’s also easier for a member to find work. Typically, a guild member gets paid 1-2% more for the same work.

Favored Benefits: Favored members recieve a +1 bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with potential employers. In addition, they typically receive 5-10% more money for the same work.

Laborer's Guild

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