Mage's Guild

Mage’s Guild

The Guild of Mages is similar to the Guild of Fighters in that they fund themselves primarily from contracts and member dues. They also are concerned with keeping their members employed. However, they do much more besides. They also work with the Trader’s Union to regulate and control the manufacture and sale of magic items. They also conduct large amounts of research into magical areas. They run the Luminescent Halls, the premier magical university in the world and the only place in the city to receive formal magical schooling. They are lead by the powerful Viera Red Mage Eydis Fire-Eyes, also known as the Red Queen of Cinquleur. Many older members are unhappy about her position at the head of the guild, citing her young age and perceived lack of magical focus. However one fact that cannot be denied is she is the most powerful combatant amongst the Mage’s guild upper echelons. She is also possibly the smartest person in the city and she frequently takes the forefront in Council meetings.


Favored Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Red Mage, Beguiler, Adept, Magewright

Associated Skills: Concentration, Craft(Alchemy), Decipher Script, Knowledge(arcana), Spellcraft, Use Magic Device

Duties: Members of the guild are expected to pay dues of 5 GP per spellcaster level per month or the equivalent in magic items. They also require members to report any new scholastic finds or researched spells.

Member Benefits: Members of the guild receive a 10% discount on the cost of having a spell cast for them by another member. In addition, they may receive a job from the employment division that requires spell casting ability. These jobs usually pay a decent amount and many spellcasters make a living through the guild.

Favored Benefit: The Mage’s Guild subsidizes the cost of your magic item creation. This results in a 5% discount on the GP cost to create magic items.

Mage's Guild

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