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The City of Arrowheart

Arrowheart is by far the largest city on the continent of Izual. Established 2400 years before the current adventure it has grown to a size of over 2 million people within the city walls alone. It resides on the coast and this geographic feature has assisted in the city’s rise to prominence. Arrowheart is home to the largest port in the continent and has evolved into the premier trading hub. The city lies atop an extensive sewer system. The city is split up into several districts, defined primarily by whatever organization has power there. In this way, Arrowheart is essentially a union of smaller cities, gathered together under a common leader. As is natural for any city of its size, Arrowheart is also home to many races of varying appearances and talents.

A description of Arrowheart’s system of government: Government

The various official guilds operating in Arrowheart: Fighter’s Guild Mage’s Guild Psion’s Guild Ranger’s Guild The City Guard Trader’s Union Laborer’s Guild Religion Cult

The not so official guilds: Thieves’ Guild Assassin’s Guild

Arrowheart also operates under a few specific rules.

Campaign Notes: On Roleplaying

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