Ranger's Guild

Ranger’s Guild

A guild very similar in structure and purpose to the Fighter’s Guild. They differ however in the types of contracts they typically receive. If you need a person found, go to this guild. They are also often employed as vigilantes to apprehend criminals or prove the guilt of a party against whom not enough evidence exist to get them arrested or, if all else fails, deliver ultimate justice themselves. Their leader is the elven archer Alawen. She is renowned for her ability to rapidly travel about the city and has many informants at every level of the city.


Favored Classes Ranger, Rogue, Lurk, Scout

Associated Skills Balance, Climb, Decipher Script, Disable Device, Gather Information, Jump, Knowledge(local), Knowledge(dungeoneering), Knowledge(geography), Listen, Search, Spot, Survival, Tumble

Duties: Members of the Ranger’s Guild are expected to keep the guild informed of their activities. They also must pay monthly dues of 5 GP per character level. Once per year, members are expected to investigate disappearances of other members. If they locate living guild-members then the search party is entitled to 40% of their treasure acquired that job. While this expedition is only required once per year, accepting it more often is a simple way to gain favor within the guild.

Member Benefits: Members can expect the guild to point employers their way. They accept contracts from patrons and a portion of the pay goes to its members. Oftentimes, people are more willing to hire guild-members rather than individuals. Also, any guild-member who is missing for more than a certain period time, (depending on the contract) will have a search party dispatched looking for them. If they are found dead, a compensation is paid to any family. If they are found alive and successfully rescued, then the search party is entitled to 40% of the worth of the contract, including any treasure found. The guild also takes 40%, leaving the party with only 20% of their treasure.

Favored Benefits: If a search party is dispatched, then the guild only takes 10% of the party’s treasure, though the locating party is still entitled to 40%. This way the party gets to keep 50% of their gold instead of 20%. Also, the guild directs particularly well paying contracts toward the character much more often.

Ranger's Guild

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