Thieves' Guild

Thieves’ Guild

Well known but not officially recognized, the Thieves Guild is the least reputable “guild” in the city. From mugging to smuggling to arson to grand theft equine, if it’s illegal the Thieves Guild probably had some part in it. One of their staunch policies however, is that they are NOT killers-for-hire. However if killing is necessary to complete a job, most operatives will not hesitate. Little is known about their inner workings, the only information widely known about the hierarchy is that the guild is run by a mysterious figure known only as “The Grey Fox”. It is rumored that no one has ever seen his face, even the highest ranking members of the guild.


Favored Classes Bard, Fighter(Thug), Ranger, Rogue, Scout, Lurk

Associated Skills Balance, Bluff, Climb, Disable Device, Disguise, Escape Artist, Forgery, Hide, Jump, Move Silently, Open Lock, Search, Sleight of Hand, Tumble

Duties: Instead of guild dues, any items fenced through the guild are charged 15% of the amount fenced as guild charges. Members must also never reveal any sensitive information that could compromise the guild. Members must accept a reasonable amount of the jobs offered to them as well, unless they have a good reason to refuse.

Member Benefits: The guild manages most illicit contracts in the city, meaning any thief looking for a job can usually find one with the guild. In addition, the guild will provide temporary safe housing if a member needs to lie low for a time. In addition, nearly every competent fence in the city is under the employ of the guild, so if you plan on selling illicit merchandise, they’re your best bet.

Favored Benefits: The guild offers limited access to its smuggling ring. Players looking for a specific item have a certain chance to find a discounted item. The chance to locate a discounted item is 85% for a mundane item, 50% for a minor magic/psionic item, 25% for a medium magic/psionic item, and 10% for a major magical/psionic item. The discount available is 10% for mundane goods, and 5% for magic/psionic items. Keep in mind that these items are stolen and illegal and any item identified as such is liable to be seized and the possessor imprisoned. In addition, once a year the guild can help out a favored member who has been pinched in some manner or another, either helping them avoid legal repercussions all together or breaking them out of jail as a last resort.

Thieves' Guild

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