Trader's Union

Trader’s Union

A group consisting of all the local businessmen. They control all trade in and out of the city, as well as a substantial amount of in-city trade. They work with the Mage’s Guild and Psionic Guild to regulate the trade of magic and psionic items respectively. Due to their control over shipping and trade they are a rather powerful guild and a recent lack of oversight has lead to a fair amount of corruption amongst their ranks. They employ mainly merchants and businessmen, however they have a fair amount of thugs and hedge wizards in their employ for when problems require less than delicate solutions. They are lead by the shrewd noble Viktor von Doom; an extremely intelligent businessman who makes up for his lack of combat prowess with his social connections and superb strategy.


Favored Classes Aristocrat, Expert, Bard

Associated Skills Appraise, Bluff, Craft, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Knowledge(Local), Knowledge(Nobility and Royalty), Sense Motive, Use Rope

Duties: A member of the Trader’s guild is expected to pay guild dues of 10 GP per character level per month. Also, members are expected to handle trading contracts or make deliveries or otherwise further the cause of the guild on a regular basis.

Member Benefits: Members can expect to receive occasional discounts on newly imported goods. They may also be able to purchase surplus items or items that are deemed unsellable at amazing discounts.

Favored Benefits: Favored members enjoy a 10% discount on nonmagical and nonpsionic items. They also get first pick on any rare items that may come into the city through the guild.

Trader's Union

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